"Rather, let the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the leader as
one who serves"

(Luke 22:26)


    Rev. Shaji Idiculla is the Senior Pastor and Founder of the ELIM Assembly of God Prayer Centre, Bangalore, India. His life, dedication, prayer life & his faith have been an inspiration to many.

    Rev. Shaji Idiculla worked in Bahrain for close to 14 yrs & following a personal encounter with the Lord, he left his secular job, studied in the Karnataka Institute of Theology. He surrendered himself into doing the Lord’s work. The good Lord has been using him ever since. Praise the Lord!

    Rev. Shaji Idiculla, is an humble man of God with a great desire & passion to see God’s plans & commission being fulfilled through his life. With all due reverence to the Almighty God- shepherding & caring for the flock entrusted to him by the Lord, teaching, correcting, rebuking, encouraging (2 Timothy 3:16) - through God’s word. Faithfully with all loyalty handling all God-given talents.

    Rev. Shaji Idiculla is married to Mrs. Marina Shaji. Marina worked with Autodesk India, for close to a decade and is now into full time ministry. They are blessed 2 daughters- Sharon Elim Shaji & Sherin Elim Shaji. As a family they are serving the Lord in the respective areas of their calling.


    Pastor Anish Philipose has been associated with the ELIM Assembly of God Prayer Centre family, since its budding stage. A servant of God with a great desire to fulfill God’s calling in his life & the Lord’s work entrusted. Pr. Anish has been very supportive in working with our Sr. Pastor in fulfilling the vision entrusted to the man of God.

    Pr. Anish is currently working for the Bank of America, while being actively involved in the Church ministry and other spiritual activities at his office as well and his wife Anitha works with EPICOR.

    Pr. Anish Philipose is married to Mrs. Anitha Anish, and are blessed with a Son, Jivin.P.Anish & a daughter, Hadassah Nimmie Anish. As a family they are devoted in serving the Lord in the respective areas of their calling.