Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! Only you can make yourself a Christian. No one can “convert” you into a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

If you are convinced about the lordship of Jesus Christ and are willing to follow Him the rest of your life, you can do so right away.

  1. Close your eyes in prayer and talk to the Lord Jesus wherever you are. Tell Him how badly you want to leave a life of sin to pursue a life of obedience to Jesus Christ. Seek forgiveness of your sins on the basis of Jesus’ life and sacrifice on a cross. Pray for God’s guidance regarding how you should proceed in your new life.
  2. Ask God to show you a group of Christians who love God and follow His Word faithfully. Get in touch with them to learn more about the new life.

If you are yet to make up your mind about following Christ, you need to know who the Lord Jesus Christ is and what it means to follow Him. You have a right to make an informed choice. Becoming a Christian is the best decision you could take in your life but that decision comes at a heavy price. Contact a Christian or a Church that seeks to faithfully follow the Lord Jesus Christ. If you are in Bengaluru, you are welcome to contact us.

Christianity, like other religions, place certain demands on its followers. The Lord Jesus Christ commanded his disciples to talk to everyone about His Kingdom. In fact, the disciples were commanded to publicly proclaim about the new King Jesus. No one was to be forced to listen. If people in a town or village did not wish to welcome them, they were required to leave that place.

This is what Lord Jesus commanded, “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I commanded you.”

It is not possible to be a true Christian without telling the Good News about Jesus to those who are willing to listen.

If a popular movie star or sports icon should visit your town, thousands will gather to get a glimpse of the star. If you ask film stars whether they pay money to get crowds into a theater, that would amount to insulting them.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the most popular Person in human history. It is not just about popularity. He is the most unique and incomparable Man. He was the wisest of all teachers. Yet he was gentle and humble. He healed the sick miraculously. He even raised the dead. His enemies could not deny that he performed miracles. He forgave sinners and transformedtheir lives.

Today, billions follow Jesus. He attracts followers on his own merit. Neither he nor his followers need to bribe anyone with gifts. Jesus Christ is not a cheap politician to buy a crowd with incentives. Laws that assume Christians lure converts by giving gifts insult Jesus and His Church.


The Lord Jesus is not shopping around for fake followers who ask, “What will I get if I follow you?” He is after those who ask, “What do you want me to do for you?”

Since there are thousands who might ask this question, let us answer it for you. If you follow Christ, you will get eternal life. Besides, you are entitled to these privileges:

  1. Rejection: You will face rejection from close friends, family, relatives, colleagues. Your parents might disinherit you. Your spouse might leave you. Your children may not welcome you.
  2. Insults: Even those who once respected you will heap insults on you.
  3. Persecution: Jesus foretold that all his disciples would face persecution to one degree or another.
  4. Martyrdom: Out of Jesus’ twelve disciples, ten were martyred.