Logos Fest 2023-’24

Logos Fest 2023-’24 Poster Rev. Shaji Idiculla, God willing, be ministering during the Logos Fest 2023-’24 (25 Dec 2023 to 14 Jan 2024) at Logos International Church, Odanavattom, Kerala.


Are you hard-pressed with the anxiety or feelings of betrayal? Are you facing envy or hatred? Barrenness? Are you being accused falsely? Are you surrounded by gossip mongers?  The feeling of being hard-pressed, crushed from all sides is most unbearable & heart- rending. Through the Bible, the ones that were over-comers were the ones that …

Empower 2023

God willing, Rev Shaji Idiculla will be ministering at the 12-hour prayer-cum-worship meeting hosted by Revival Youth Ministries in Kerala on December 26, 2023.